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Daily living skills and transition planning

Transition Planning

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Daily living skills and transition planning
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As we are discussing daily living skills and transition planning this week, I wanted to provide some additional information.   A transition plan is legally mandated by IDEA (2004) and targets the transition from high school to post-secondary school activities.  A transition plan is generally discussed by age 14 and must be implemented and a critical aspect of the IEP by age 16.  Here is a great resource (bookmark worthy) that highlights the value of “Post-Secondary Goals” and options for transitional planning

Postsecondary Goals

These goals state what your child wants to do or achieve after high school. Goals can be in four areas:

· Vocational training (e.g., learning a trade) 

· Postsecondary education( e.g., college or other schooling)

· Jobs and employment

· Independent living (depending on student need)



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