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Cultural biases to be aware of when assessing culturally diverse young children

Worksheet 1-B, Family Characteristics


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Cultural biases to be aware of when assessing culturally diverse young children
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Below is a list of values that commonly come to many people’s minds when they are asked to name some of the things that are important to them in life. These values are often rooted in one’s cultural experiences. Rate both the Taylor and the Angelino families according to whether you think they would attach a high (3), medium (2), or low (1) level of importance to each value.

Angelinos Taylors

Broad-minded (open-minded, accepting of difference) ________ _______

Cheerfulness (lighthearted, joyful, positive outlook) ________ _______

Equality (equal opportunity for all) ________ _______

Exciting life (stimulating, active life) ________ _______

Independent (self-reliant, free choice) ________ _______

Logical (consistent, logical, problem-solving

approach) ________ _______

Loving (affectionate, tender, intimate) _______ _______

Security (feel safe and protected) _______ _______

Social recognition (respect, admiration) _______ _______

Imagine the babies born to these families now have 18 months old and clients at a Developmental Disabilities Center where you work. They have been referred because their pediatricians suspect that their babies may have a developmental delay. You are part of the screening team assigned to work with them:

1. Look back over the list and rate yourself on each value. How would your own values affect you “joining” with each family?

2. Compare and contrast the strengths of these two families. For each family, make a list of possible Family resources and needs and discuss how you would assess these.

3. Discuss the screening procedure and any screening measures you would employ to assess the families. Provide justifications for your selections and references for the source(s) of your information.

4. Discuss cultural biases to be aware of when assessing culturally diverse young children, and some of the ways that these biases may be reduced or controlled. Make sure to provide specific examples to support your answers and cite the sources you used to formulate your answers.

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