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critical principles in watching films

What are your critical principles in watching films? Choose a film you enjoy. Explain why you enjoyed it and what made it excellent (i.e., script, actors, editing, music, or cinematography). Identify and explain your standards for establishing excellence in films.

For over 60 years, NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox Entertainment dominated (Jacobus & Martin, 2019). In the past 20 years, cable and other streaming services have changed the way viewers watch television (Jacobus & Martin, 2019). What do you think the future of television will look like in 10-15 years?

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critical principles in watching films
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Jacobus, L. A. & Martin, F. A. (2019). Attend 5: Humanities
through the Arts Tenth Edition [PowerPoint slides]. Bethel University Introduction to Humanities V-Camp:

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