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Crisis Management Plan Priorities

Residency Paper Information:

For your residency group project, you will pick an industry/company to focus on for this assignment. Based upon the given information you can find on the company and any past issues/breaches the company has gone through, create Crisis Management Plan (found in Chapter 11, page 197, in your book). Formulate the paper as follows:

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Crisis Management Plan Priorities
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1. Introduction – brief background of company and any issues the company has had in the past such as data breaches

2. Strategies and Management – business activities, risk factor activities, reactive risk mitigation strategy, risk management, financial performance (more or less depending upon company)

3. Risk Analysis – political analysis, environmental analysis (more or less depending upon company)

4. Crisis Management Plan:

a. Purpose

b. Committee for crisis management planning

c. Crisis types

d. Structure of the Crisis Management Team

e. Responsibility and control

f. Implementation Plan

g. Crisis Management Protocols

h. Crisis Management Plan Priorities

5. Conclusion

6. Divide the work on the plan amongst your group members.

7. You must have a total of 10 unique references.

8. The paper must be in APA format.

9. There is a MINIMUM of 15 pages, required, and does not include references or title page.

10. Limit pictures, diagrams, charts, and graphics to no more than 2 pages in total.

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