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Creative Development Plan Of A Business Into The 21st Century

You are the CEO of a historically successful company. However, due to the globalized economy and the Internet, many competitors have successfully entered the marketplace. Your analysists predict that if the company doesn’t reinvent itself, it will rapidly lose market-share. This is a very difficult undertaking since the organization operates under traditional frameworks; your workforce is resistant to change, creativity, and innovation. Using at least one concept from each of the chapters covered thus far,(concepts like – creative thinking,4Ps of organizational creativity,investment theory of creativity,common sense approach to probelm solving, ideation, redefinition approaches,morphological analysis,brain storming and its variant ) and develop a plan to move your organization into the 21st century as to compete and maintain its marketshare. You have much flexibility in this assignment; the company can be whatever you want it to be. Be sure to provide examples and justification for your plan in 4-5 pages and Please use APA format with atleast 8 peer reviewed rsources.

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