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Create a strategic outline answering the following questions!

Let’s imagine that you handle the public relations duties for a sewer contractor based in St. Louis, MO. (Hey, someone has to do it…..) One day, one of your workers discovers a class ring in the sewer pipes beneath the downtown city streets where his crew is completing a repair job. He goes home, cleans the ring off and finds the initials of its owner, her college and her graduation year. He contacts the college and, miraculously, is able to reunite the woman with her ring. You think there’s a human interest story here.

Create a strategic outline answering the following questions and allow yourself to be creative and imaginative. Consider the audience for your plan to be the Chief Executive Officer of the Sewer Com (that you can name if you like.)

1) To what medium would you pitch the story idea? I would probably pitch the idea to How would you find the right media (traditional mainstream media? Social Media? Bloggers? Reporters? Industry trade magazines?) Be comprehensive in your analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the media you choose. (Since this is a strategic outline, you can use bullet points rather than narrative writing.)

2) What angle would you use to gain interest immediately?

2) Would you use visual media to help illustrate the story? What would they look like?

3) What internal communications could you use that could “give the story legs” with Social Media externally? Would there be someone in your organization who has a blog that could use the story too?

4) How would you measure the effectiveness of your plan?

ASSIGNMENT PART B:Now that your CEO has approved your plan and the rationale for your approach, write a 3-paragraph pitch message to the medium you chose

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