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Create a backup strategy

This is a case study, a make-believe situation where you get to provide details about creating a backup strategy for a particular type of business information system.

Suppose you manage the computer resources for a medium-sized business. Your business includes a combination of computers and devices. For example, in an office setting, each employee would have their own desktop or laptop computer (or both). In a warehouse situation, the warehouse employees might use tablets to track inventory items. In a retail situation, there might be several point-of-sale devices (cash registers, bar code scanners, etc.). You get to choose what type and size of business you want to describe.

Consider how every employee uses the computer resources. Think about the day-to-day business software they use (which might include accounting, point-of-sale, inventory management, customer service, etc.), and the valuable data they create and rely on.

As the manager of the computer resources, it is your job to implement a backup strategy for the business. You must take into consideration the needs of the business in protecting one of its most valuable assets – business data. You should also consider the budget that would be required for you to implement your strategy.

So, what would you do to create such a strategy? Certainly, you would need to plan the hardware and software you would want to use, and you would also have to consider the process you would recommend. You would need to thoroughly research the needs of the business before making your recommendations and implementing your strategy. You might even recommend that the business use multiple backups to ensure that their data is safely protected.

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