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computer forensics

Scenario: You have been called into investigate an employee at your company for misusing company computers, stealing other employee’s identity’s and allegedly running a side-business.  He uses an old Windows 7 system with the user-id of “Anybody”.  Using the virtual PC given to you as the suspect’s computer and what you’ve learned in class so far, you should conduct an investigation on the live computer.  You can use any of the tools/applications on the PC, but cannot download any others. (Reminder, there is no Internet Access in this segregated environment.)  Gather and document as much evidence as you can from the target PC.  Since this is an internal employee issue, you don’t need to worry about search warrants or potentially corrupting evidence.  You just need to generate a report for his manager and the HR director.

For this assignment, you need to create a professional report on what you have found.  Place your answers, findings, and screenshots in a Word compatible file with proper attention to writing, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


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