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Community resources and support

In this assignment, you will identify and interview a family who is currently undergoing stress. The stress may arise from a new baby, new marriage, new divorce or separation, new job, new house, having a child with special needs, etc. Explain the assignment to the family and obtain written consent for participation. Please acknowledge that this information will only be used for classroom purposes, that no information will be published or disseminated and that their names will not be used.
Part 1: Interview

Interview family members to gain information about the following:
Family information – nuclear, extended family, ages, siblings, etc.
History – how and when the stress started
Life cycle events – have members describe events and how they responded to them (i.e., beginning of school, IEP, transition times, family events, interaction with siblings)
Family dynamics between members
Strengths of family
Cultural, religious, social networks and involvement
Family needs
Coping strategies
Community resources and support
Family goals for child
Other (i.e., personal stories)
Analyze the family from this information based on current research and theory,
Provide research-based recommendations for the family – this may include continuing things that they are currently doing and may include resources/agencies/supports that they can or could be receiving. Note: These resources can be ones that you are using for your major resource file (see Module 5).
Provide a personal reflection on this experience including the communication skills needed for effective interviewing.

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Community resources and support
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Part 2: Results of the Interview

Create a 6 to 8-page paper (not including title or reference pages) in a Word document for your response.
Use APA format for the title page, references page, and in-text citations.
Develop an introduction and conclusion for your paper.

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