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Commenting on Two Classmates Discussion about Design Goals

The Program we use is adobe Illustrutor 2019

In your responses to your peers, explain what you found interesting about their approach. In other words, would you have taken a different approach toward the project they selected? Explain why. If not, explain why their approach was efficient and creative.

Classmate # 1 jordan

I chose to discuss creating campaign flyers for this week’s discussion. I think the best combination of programs for this would be to use Indesign for the layout and Photoshop to edit images prior to placing them. InDesign is best because of its ability to streamline text styles and page layouts. Photoshop is also important to get your images corrected/perfected before laying out the flyer in ID. I have always used Illustrator for these types of projects, but after playing in ID for the past couple of weeks, it is easy to place images using grids and also using all of the capabilities for texts. I like being able to add rectangle frames to create the layout and add images as I build them from photoshop. You can also use vectors that are created in Illustrator so that the flyers can be printed as large as needed.

Classmate # 2 Bradley

I have chosen to discuss designing wedding invitations for this module. I believe Illustrator would be the best program to create the design due to its vector-based capabilities. The application creates a more realistic color and gradient blending without losing quality to pixilation. The transformation, align, and properties panels supply endless options for centering or aligning objects, layering objects appropriately for the project, and selecting the fonts, styles, colors, and gradients to the project. Your typical wedding invitation has flowers and designs that can be created with smooth edges as well as the typography variations and effects such as swirls. With the use of the pen and pencil tools, smooth lines can be colorized and used to write along the paths. Rounded edges can be created with the use of the pen tool to make shapes without the need for freehand drawing or uploading of images. There are also more artistic fonts in Illustrator to be used in typography for the invitations. Photoshop’s quality would destroy the appearance of the graphics and typography as it works to restore and edit already created photographs and images, which are pixilated upon import. InDesign would not be a good option either due to its use for a compilation of created files to prepare for printing.

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