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Columbia Southern Fall Network Firewall Comparison Case Scenario Paper

This assignment asks you to participate in three projects and then to write about each project in one paper. Begin by following the instructions for each project provided within the textbook.

  1. Case Project 6-4: Network Firewall Comparison on page 247 within the textbook
  2. Case Project 7-2: Comparing Cloud Computing Features on page 288 within the textbook
  3. Project 1-3: Use an Eula Analyzer on pages 34-35 within the textbook

Note: For Project 1-3, the first hyperlink is broken (, so use the following hyperlink in its place:

Write a two-page paper following the directions within the textbook on Case Project 6-4, Case Project 7-2, and Project 1 3. Include a title page and separate reference page. Follow CSU APA Guidelines, including in-text citations, referencing, and formatting of the paper.

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