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Chemical Engineering , Chemistry homework help

1.     A stream containing 4wt% chromium (Cr), is contained in the wastewater from an absorber.  The wastewater stream is fed to a treatment unit that removes 95% of the chromium in the feed and recycles it to the plant.  The residual liquid stream leaving the treatment unit is sent to a waste lagoon.  The treatment unit has a maximum capacity of 4500 kg wastewater/hr.  If wastewater leaves the finishing plant at a rate higher than the capacity of the treatment unit, the excess (anything over 4500kg/hr) bypasses the unit and combines with the residual liquid leaving the unit, and the combined stream goes to the lagoon.


a)     Without assuming a basis of calculation, draw and label a flowchart for the process.

b)    Wastewater leaves the finishing plant at a rate between 1000kg/hr and 10000kg/hr.  In increments of 1000kg/h, cacluate the flow rate of liquid to the waste lagoon, and the mass fraction of chromium in the liquid over the given range.  Using a graphing program (MATLAB, Excel), generate a plot of the flow rate as a function of mass fraction.

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