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Chemcial Biological Agents Pubic Health

Two Short Dicussion Board questions on Weapons of Mass Destruction.

1. Chemical and biological agents have been used to create fear and threaten the health and safety of the public and EMS providers. Does your agency have procedures for first-responding emergency service personnel regarding how to address potential bioterror events? Elaborate on these procedures. If your agency does not have such procedures, explain why it does not.

Your initial and follow up response should be more than three sentences in order to get full credit. Please give a thoughtful and detailed response.

2.Type a response to this student’s response below. (BRENT) My service has various methods in place in the place of a bioterror incident. We have the protocol to contact the appropriate resources. This would be special trained hazmat units which the local fire department has. They will also contact the national guard training chemical unit which is about one hour away. We actually have had to use them and they showed up with all equipment and their PPE and properly managed the scene.

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