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characteristics of successful students

Learning Objectives

Describe the characteristics of successful students

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characteristics of successful students
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In the module Motivating Success, we explore Types of Students, and different categories of students. For this assignment, you are going to create a short video of less than two minutes about why you are in college. It’s one thing to read about different categories of people and it’s quite another experience to see and listen to people’s stories.

Using your cell phone or any other recording device, create a short video where you describe your motivation to be in college. You don’t have to edit or create a professional-grade film. You’ve most likely have done this type of recording already on social media, so use the same informal conversational tone. Think of your audience as other students who are eager to learn why you are here. If you need some questions to guide your response, here is a short list:

Did you identify with any of the categories of students listed in the reading? If so, did you identify with more than one? If not, why?
What made you decide to go to college now?
What do you hope to achieve?
How will you be a successful student this term?
Have you selected a major and/or a career path?

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