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Chapter 3 The Federal Information Security Management Act

Select one of the regulations discussed in Chapter 3 (FISMA, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, FERPA, or CIPA) and do some independent research on the regulation. Why was it implemented? Who has the responsibility for its oversight? Who/what does it regulate? What are some of the details in the regulation not discussed in the textbook? Address who this regulation protects (see slide 11).

Because this is your only assignment this week, I am requiring a two paragraph (250-word) response and two critical evaluations of other students’ posts after you post your response. Your response should be up by Friday and your responses to other learners should be posted no later than Sunday. Remember not to copy any content from any other source – all work needs to be your original work, but remember to also include citations to any resources that you used to inform your post.

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