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Center for Parent Information and Resources

Required Resources


Center for Parent Information and Resources (2014). Transition to Adulthood. (Links to an external site.) Retrieved from

· For your final assignment, you will be asked to include the roles of parents in their child’s transition services. This website will serve as a resource for ways to include parents, as well as provide user-friendly tips for participation in IEP meetings. Accessibility Statement (not available) Privacy Policy (not available)

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Center for Parent Information and Resources
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Recommended Resources


Bollaro, J. (2013, March 15). 8 steps to a better IEP meeting: Play hearts, not poker. (Links to an external site.) [Blog post] Retrieved from

· In this blog post, Bollaro, an associate at the law firm of Sraga Hauser, LLC, discusses how families should prepare for an IEP meeting. Accessibility Statement (not available)  Privacy Policy (Links to an external site.)

Phelps, P. H. (2008). Helping teachers become leaders. (Links to an external site.) The Clearing House, 81(3), 119-122.

· In this article, Phelps discusses that the need for school improvement is based on the idea that more teachers need to function as leaders. When we understand the various dimensions of teacher leadership, we can fulfill multiple roles at school. Accessibility Statement (Links to an external site.) Privacy Policy (Links to an external site.)

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