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    • Assignment:
      Based upon what you have learned through “people-to-people” contacts, what have you learned? Who have you contacted? You should read the newspapers in the major cities as well. Write up what you have learned as it pertains to establishing a venture in the country you are studying. This should result in two or three potential recommendations for further investigation by the group.

    • The Scenario Project is as follows: An angel investor has approached the School of Business at the California State University-Monterey Bay. Rather than go to a consulting firm, he wants MBA students to work on this project as consultants. He understands that students will need to understand Global Business and how it is conducted. However, he is patient. The angel investor expects a social entrepreneurial venture to be self-sustaining in two years. He expects any small business to break even in two to three years. He realizes that these expectations may not realistic; he expects a analysis of the risks to determine the probability of success. This Angel Investor has been inspired by the works of Muhammed Yunus and Hernando De Soto. He wants to invest in a small business or social entrepreneurial nonprofit in many potential countries. He is willing to invest up to $5m; but would prefer projects not to exceed a capital infusion of $3.5m. Over the next 10 weeks, you will be doing research to determine the following:

      1. Understanding of the dynamics of global business—yes, he understands that much that is written in textbooks refers to large businesses. He made his money as a small businessman, and feels very strongly that with the internet and other sources for financing, that small business-to-business ventures are possible. He is also willing to consider within country ventures as well.
      2. Knowledge about the governance structures, international policies, and movement of money.
      3. Understanding of cultural norms, structures to help business, and how to conduct business in the country recommended for investment.

    • These practica should be no longer than four pages long, 1.5 spacing All references will need to be cited and referenced, using the APA standard.