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Can you write Zora Neale Hurston’s “How It Feels To Be Colored Me” Discussion?

Here is the link to the essay…

  1. Comment on this essay from a subjective point of view: What emotions does it evoke in you? Why? What do you think of the content of the essay? Why? Can you relate to it in any way? Does it remind of you of some experience you had?
  2. What does she say about identity? How does she use the term “colored” and for what purpose?
  3. Comment on the essay from an objective point of view: What do you think of the style (language, literary and rhetorical devices, tone, etc.) the author uses? How does Hurston develop her main point? What kinds of details does she use? How do they affect the essay? What is the overall effect of the essay? (The total of your responses to all these questions should be at least 300 words.)
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