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BUS 472 Unit 2 Lab Assignment

For the Unit 2 Lab Assignment, we will continue to work on your project and take the deliverables that you identified in the Unit 1 Lab Assignment and build them into a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) using Microsoft Project. In addition, we will add project team members into a personnel table in Microsoft Project and assign them to tasks in WBS.

Prior to starting the assignment please watch the following two videos:

  1. How to create a WBS in Microsoft Project (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  2. How to add resources to a project:

Now that you have watched the videos, complete the following:

  1. Access Microsoft Project from the Xendesktop. To access the Xendesktop, click ECPI Resources in the left navigation column. Under the University tab, select Environment under Xendesktop.
  2. Download and open the following Project template.
  3. Update the template to align to the deliverables and WBS that are applicable to your project. Add in the tasks, subtasks, and durations. There is no need to populate the dates or any other fields at this time.
  4. Add your project team to the Resource sheet.
  5. Assign resources to each of the tasks/subtasks.
  6. Save your Project File to your computer and submit for grading (note: ensure you save the file where you will be able to access again in the next unit).
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