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Building a dashboard in R Markdown


The objective of this laboratory is to plan, design, and create an information dashboard to support quantative decision making. To accomplish this task you will have to complete a number of steps:

  1. Delineate the necessary decision
  2. Identify what information will be relevant to decision making.
  3. Find and collect that information
  4. Design the best visualizations to present that information.
  5. Collect the data necessary to create visualization plan.
  6. Organize and summarize the collected data.
  7. Create the necessary data visualizations.
  8. Finally organize the layout of those visualizations in a way that conforms to the theory of dashbaording.

The Decision & Rules

The central objective of this dashboard will be to provide an inteface on the current (with historical context) state of the global refugee crisis. You can choose a region or a conflict, or a global perspective.

Dates & Deliverables

  • Submit a link to the dashboard hosted on the Rpubs site. The dashboard must include the source_code = TRUEparameter.
  • Create the RMarkdown file and send the source code.
  • Include on the dashboard the links to all data sources

Getting data

There are a large numbers of places you can find data on the global refugee crisis. Below I have included a link to a good starting point from the United Nations. You can include any data sets for you project as long as they are open to the public to use and you cite where they came from.

See the United Nations Refugee Agency

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