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Build a Website Through Weebly for Students Paper

Write a 2 page summary ( 12 font, New Times Roman) on “How to build a website through Weebly”?

Include in the summary; 1. How to build a website through Weebly for students… 2.Why is it important to education…. 3.How students can use this as innovative teaching strategy. 4. How a teacher can benefit for teaching a class

Here are some key facts to use in summary:

  • Steps
  1. Go to the Weebly website at “”. …
  2. Sign up for a Weebly account. …
  3. Decide on the focus of your site. …
  4. Choose a theme for your site. …
  5. Choose a subdomain for your website. …
  6. Design and edit your website. …
  7. Click on “Publish” when you’re satisfied with your website.

Reasons of use a class website:

Ease Of Use

Help and Support

Design Flexibility

Free and/or Value For Money (if you decide to pay for extra services)

District Approved/Educational based

Teacher can add all tabs that he/she want such as tabs such as: Nearpod, Quizzes, Quizlet, etc.

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