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behaviors violate standards in the Educator Code of Ethics.


SCENARIO 1: Immediately after she graduated college, Coach Parnell began coaching volleyball, track, and soccer and

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behaviors violate standards in the Educator Code of Ethics.
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teaching Algebra I and II at Deer Springs High School. She has been there for almost 3 years. In early May, Coach Parnell

joined a dating app that locates singles in the area. Not long after joining, a 19-year-old senior at Deer Springs HS, saw

Coach Parnell’s dating profile and indicated, via the app, that he would be interested in going out on a date with her.

When she saw this, Coach Parnell, sent the student a message stating that, even though he was 19, she could not date

him until after graduation in less than a month. The student responded, letting her know that he couldn’t wait take her

out on a date, and the two decided to set up a time to meet for dinner the day after graduation ceremonies. Coach

Parnell let the student know that there could be no further communication between the two of them until then, and

that he couldn’t tell anyone about the conversation they’d had so far. She let him know that she was excited to be able

to go out with him, but she could not pursue anything further until the date they had set up. This student had never

been in Coach Parnell’s Algebra class, nor had he played any of the sports that she coached. As planned, the day after

graduation, Coach Parnell and the now former Deer Springs High School student went out on a date and continued to

see each other for the next 8 months.

1. Identify the behaviors (if any) that you believe violate standards in the Educator Code of Ethics.

2. Which standards do you think were violated? Explain your reasoning. If you feel that no standards were

violated, explain your reasoning.

3. Should Coach Parnell have handled this situation differe

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