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Auto Parts Market Company Proposition and Competitive Advantage Paper

Create your initial prototype using the tools you plan to use for your final prototype. The goals for this assignment include you selecting these tools by conducting research and finding what solutions are best suited to your particular project. You don’t have to create a report with your findings, just make an educated and well-informed decision for what tool or methodology you wish to adopt. 

  • For applications and software:
    • Select a high fidelity tool that will allow you to develop an initial draft with imagery and content and links.
    • You will use this tool for the final prototype, so make sure to do your research.
    • As mentioned above, create the initial prototype using the tool you have selected. Refer to your previous assignments including your wireframes, sketches, robust design and experience map to get a basic outline developed. It doesn’t have to be polished or work well yet, just get a good start. 
  • For service-based concepts:
    • Your prototype should include full scripts and materials that you would use throughout the various stages of experience map. Helpful hint: Develop decision making trees with scripts incorporating robust design will make this a lot easier. This way you can keep customers on track with the user experience map, and plan for non-ideal conditions.
    • For example, if you have a professional services company:
      • What is the first interaction the customer will have with your company?
      • How will your staff interact with the customers and how will they navigate the customer’s concerns in order to provide excellent service?
      • Develop the various business processes such as how presentations of your solutions be conducted and what scripts will be used throughout these processes?
      • After a job has been done, develop the scripts and materials you will have in place for maintaining relationships with customers.
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