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assistive technology

An assistive technology service is defined as “any service that directly assists a child with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device” (Connecticut State Department of Education & The Connecticut Birth to Three System, 1999, p. 3).
Qestion 1
Choose one mid- to high-tech assistive technology device that has become more advanced over the years and addresses the needs of children with disabilities to make public education more accessible (e.g., Hearing Aid Basics).  Make sure to cite, in APA format, where you found your information.  Point out how the device you’ve chosen has become more advanced, beginning with its origination, where it is today, and potential future development.

Question 2

Visit YouTube and search for an assistive technology device that you can see using in your current or future classroom.  You can use search terms such as “Assistive Technology in the Classroom,” “Assistive Technology and Children with Disabilities,” or “Assistive Technology and ADHD/LD/Autism.”

Choose a video that demonstrates how the assistive technology could be used in the classroom (be sure to include the link).  Explain the teacher’s role in implementing this device, and how it promotes access to learning for the student