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Assignment: Moving and Shaking in the Education System 3-5 pages

Submit a paper that includes the following components:

  1. Introduction: Briefly summarize demographic shifts in the United States (or country of your choice) since 1992, as well as the predicted trends between today and 2022.
  2. My Backyard: Describe the demographic shifts since 1992 in a locality of your choosing), as well as predicted trends between today and 2022.
  3. Structural Inequalities: Explain how three structural inequalities in the current education system are negatively affecting the ethnic and racial groups represented by the demographic shifts in your area.
  4. Positive Social Change: What changes in the educational system do you recommend to address these structural inequalities in order to support development and learning for students in these groups? Cite resources to support your recommendations.

Assignment length: 3–5 pages

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