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Aspects of the professional field

In each response, address the following:

  • Express your reaction to any aspects of the professional field that your peer shared.
  • Relate your ideas or understanding about your peer’s field, or how it might differ with your own.

Your response should each be about 100 words.

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Aspects of the professional field
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The professional field that I am interested in and working towards to achieve that goal is Kindergarten teacher. I became interested in teaching whenever I was a young child; however, my interest in this field grew stronger when I was in high school, had an early childhood education class, and excelled. I enjoyed the class and made good grades in the class. Majoring in this career field opens up job opportunities for me, and I would get to work with children and help them reach milestones in their life. A specific aspect of this field that most excites me is the different projects I will do with the class. I will also get to develop lesson plans with different themes and create projects around that theme for the class to do and learn from. Areas within this field that I would like to know more about are the different teaching styles or methods for Kindergarten to be effective in teaching children. I would also like to know about the challenges Kindergarten teachers face. What are some behavior management strategies for children with behavior issues? What are some effective ways to make everyone participate in activities in the classroom? Should technology be used in the classroom with children in that age

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