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Arts Integration Reflective Response

Integrating the arts into the classroom can benefit children in many ways. It engages students in experiential learning, where they are getting meaning directly from the learning experience, not just studying a subject. It opens doors to critical thinking, creativity, and understanding. It enhances self-esteem and productivity.

Go to these websites (** if link does not work, copy and paste the address into your address bar or articles are in Resources and Materials) and read the articles: – “The Art of Education Success”… – “What is True Arts Integration?” – “Arts Integration” – Bates Middle School

**If any of these articles can’t be opened, they are all provided under “Readings” on the Resources & Materials page of this course.

After going to the websites and reading the articles, post your response to each. Your paper should be detailed and thorough and include all main points. It should be at least one paragraph per article/site.

Write and save your paper in a Word document and then upload your saved document here.

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