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Arthritis In Older Adults & Role Of Physical Activities Research Paper

Research will be sources such as peer-reviewed journals, scientific writings, textbooks, and instructor approved resources to complete the presentation. topic of research “Arthritis In Older Adults and the role of physical activity” will present the research information related to Functional Exercise for Older Adults.


  1. Research your approved topic using peer-reviewed journal articles, textbooks, scholarly papers, and approved instructor resources. Using 7-10 approved resources write a 5-7 page research abstract on Arthritis In Older Adults and the role of physical activity.
  2. Turn in your 7-10 resources you have chosen for your research abstract. These resources are not to change and once submitted cannot be changed without instructor approval.
  3. Write a 5-7 page research paper using APA format.

Suggested research topics:

Aging process, health and fitness contributions in age categories, sources of individual differences, biological aging, physical development decline in the aging, effects on cardiorespiratory system on aging, strength and power adaptations, changes in systems contributing to balance and mobility, behavioral speed of aging, age-related sensorimotor changes, cognitive functioning, exercise interventions, elite older adults and factors associated.


  1. Must be after 2002.
  2. Use APA format when listing.
  3. Use APA format when citing in-text and in the references section.


  1. 12 font, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 1” margins, APA source citations
  2. Pages numbered in the bottom right corner
  3. Paper format: introduction of topic, current research, and conclusion


APA formatting

In-text citations

7-10 research articles

Articles published after 2002

Professional writing (no spelling/grammar issues)

Appropriate length (5-7 pages)


Current research


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