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Art Museum Project

See if you can find out more about the works using scholarly resources, including background, when and where the works were created, why they were created, and by or for whom. Other important aspects of the work’s content and context are: What is its importance and meaning? How does it reflect the ideas of the period or culture that produced it? You can formulate a theory about the work, offer an interpretation of it, or compare and contrast it to a work from our textbook. If you cannot find reliable, scholarly information on the specific works you found at the museum, see if you can find general information on the type of work you found – i.e. Mende masks, Chinese Song period scroll paintings, Indian Rajput miniature paintings, etc. Try to find at least one source per artwork

  • Your paper must include proper identification of each of the three artworks (artist if known, title if applicable, date if known, medium, culture or country of origin).
  • Your paper must include a discussion of:
    • the culture/style/movement each work fits into
    • the medium (materials) of the work
    • purpose or function of the work (how it was used by the culture that produced it)
    • a discussion of 2-3 formal elements related to each work you discuss
  • Your paper must also include an introduction and a conclusion, a heading, and proper grammar/spelling/sentence structure. Any sources used in your research must be properly cited. Please use the Art Museum Project Grading Criteria as a checklist as you write your paper to ensure that ALL required information is included in each section of your paper.
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