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Architecture & Machine Driven Culture & The Different Movements

“Architecture and the Machine Driven Culture”. Research brief: Since the 1920s, our global culture became more and more a Machine Driven Culture that values experimentation and invention. Architects promoted for machine challenging designs and saw the beauty in the machines in both appearance and function. Some Architects valued Machines for their “purity” and “function” such as the Architects of Modernism movement. Some were inspired from machine mechanism, how a Functioning “whole” can be created from the assembly of smaller “parts”. Other architects took the concept to another dimension and implemented deferent movable structures within design to allow Buildings to adapt to deferent needs without compromising overall structure integrity “Kinetic Architecture”. Research Question: You are required to discuss the Theme “Architecture & Machine Driven Culture” and investigate the different movements and points of views. Research Outline: 1. The research should be based on your extensive reading, which would help you develop an understanding to Architecture and machine Design. 2. Support your discussion with expressive examples 3. There are great useful sources of available architectural materials in both the university library and on the web. 4. Your research should be around 1000 words. 5. Students are also required to prepare a visual presentation for about 10 minutes maximum.

Brief Research guidance: DO: 1. A thorough literature review and provide a structure to your research. 2. Demonstrate your understanding to theory. 3. Think of the research as a telling story and present discussions throughout the research. 4. Acknowledge sources and list them at the end of the research. DO NOT: 1. Rely on only web sources and use books. 2. Just list everything you know without your fingerprint of discussion. 3. Leave the research to the last minutes. 4. Plagiarize. Good luck

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