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Architecture and Language Expression and Communication Discussion

Architecture and Language, Expression & Communication

As Language can be defined as a method of communication that uses a certain elements and patterns in a conventional way. It can be argued that Architecture in its processes of placing things in relation to the world with a sense of proportion and harmony is a language of its own that is full of Expressions and communications.

You are required to:

  • Discuss the Theme “Architecture and Language, Expression & Communication”.
  • Give Deferent definitions related to the subject, if there are an array of deferent definitions for the same subject please discuss them.
  • Explain and Express your opinion, how Architecture & Language is Related.
  • Give an Example related to the subject.
  • The Assignment length is one paper (if there are Pictures Extend to Two Papers).
  • Submission method: one Soft copy on Blackboard and one hard copy submitted to the instructor.
  • Your paper will be part of an open discussion in the class at the day of submission.

Please note the Following:

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