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Answer one question about anthropology

The answer needs at least 260 words. (I will give you 1h to finish this question. Then please give comments for two persons’ answer, and you can submit within 12hours

Question: Many scientists feel that research has not focused on female primates and issues surrounding their lives. This has been a critique of anthropology as well. We will go into the importance of “female choice” in next week’s lectures, but for this week, I would like you to discuss how primatology (or anthropology) that considers females would differ from our current studies. How does female behavior differ from male behavior? How do the roles that females play shape society as a whole? Think about your own experiences with non-human primates (in a zoo, on TV, etc.). Was there any focus on the behavior of female primates outside of child-rearing?

The question this week is quite open-ended, and for good reason. I would like your responses to be largely reflective in nature. How do we as humans impose our own prejudices onto the world around us, even affecting our supposedly “objective” scientific research?

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