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Answer 4 questions regarding internship and job networking.

Please answer 4 questions regarding the topic of student co-op and internship, each question should be at least 100 words.
1. How would you define networking? What are its benefits? Challenges?
2.If you are not from the United States, how do you and others in your home country look for job opportunities?
3.What do you think your challenges would be in finding a co-op, internship, or job, in the U.S.?
4Identify at least one professional organization for your chosen career field or one that you would like to explore more – provide a link to the professional organization’s homepage.
Also, please read and make comments on two peers’ post. (At least 3 sentences each comment)
1: 1)I would define networking as gathering opportunities as well as connection in the professional life. Depends on the situation to determine the benefits as well as the challenges of networking, but some of the common benefits are : Having more opportunity and connection which a lot of time can improve the quality of life, networking helps the economics to grow since partners will find each other to conduct businesses… some of the challenges could be: language barrier is a pretty common thing in the U.S as people cannot full express themselves or their ideas, background is a lot of the time considered to be a challenge in net workng as well.

2) In my country, in order to find job opportunities, it’s very challenging for many people because many times connection is what it takes in order to land a good job. The opportunities definitely not equal between students or professions.

3) I think one of the biggest challenge for me is going to be experience which directly effect my resume. I don’t have as much experience as the Americans so many of the time that can be a disadvantage for me. Furthermore, english is my secondary language and so that can be a challenge to express myself in the work force.

4) My interest field right now is working in HR department in corporation. I believe a lot of networking event are being held within’ those companies or corporations. Although I need to get Into the system or involed in order to expand my Network.

2.1). Networking is a way of interaction between people to exchange information that will be really helpful for someone looking for a job.

its benefits is that you will be in contact with people and have many relationship out there that will be helpful. The person met can help in may different ways and open your mind about many things.

its challenge is that people should be careful about who they are going to interact.

2). I am not from the united states and in my country, you got a job according to who your parents and yourself have relationships with. If you do not much person, it will be really hard for you to get a job.

3). I think the hard think will be that i am an international student and i am still developing some skills that will help me get those internship. I also do not have any previous experience in my major.

4). Oracle website:

they do offer networking skills.