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ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE: Peer Review question for personal narrative research

discussion topic for week 7 — Another Perspective: Peer Review Questions For Personal Narrative Research

Now that we have worked on mini-revisions, let us continue to practice revising. It is common practice for professional writers to seek opinions before submitting their work for publication. As preparation for submitting the first rough draft of the Personal Research Narrative, it may be useful to find a peer reviewer to assess the work so far. Remember that you can use the responses of peers as part of the Personal Research Narrative. The video, “Peer Review: What is Peer Review?” will introduce you to some general concepts about peer review. Additionally, the video, “Peer Review: Commenting Strategies” provides tips on how to give excellent peer reviews.

In this discussion topic, you will find a peer reviewer and ask him or her to complete the following questions from Bergman’s work. In addition, you will complete a peer review for a fellow learner.

This discussion topic is designed to help you continue to develop the Personal Research Narrative, to incorporate feedback into the writing process

1. Please find a peer to review your work.

2. Please offer to review the work of a peer.

3. Provide each other with a copy of the Personal Research Narrative “work in progress.”

4. Using the questions below from Bergman’s “Writing A Personal Research Narrative” as a guide, provide generous feedback to each other.

5. Post a copy of the review/narrative as a part of the discussion below. Your review should be at least 200 words long.

Peer Review Questions

Bergman, L.S. (2010). “Writing A Personal Research Narrative: Peer Review.” Academic Research And Writing. Boston: Longman.