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Analyze the development and formation of the United States Government, writing homework help

Analyze the development and formation of the United States Government by answering the following questions in a well-developed five page essay:

  • Discuss American political culture.
  • What is the definition of political culture?  How does it differ from political ideology?
  • What are the core American values political culture is based upon in the United States?
  • Discuss the development of the United States Constitution during the Constitutional Convention.
  • What issues were agreed upon?
  • What issues were disagreed upon?
  • What were the compromises?
  • Discuss how the Constitution is amended.
  • What are the various paths to passing a Constitutional Amendment?
  • What impact, if any do the courts have?
  • Discuss how ideas of freedom, liberty, and equality were incorporated throughout the Constitution. 
  • What is limited government?
  • Why was the notion of limited government so important?

****Assignments should be five double-spaced pages using 12-point font and completed in essay format and must be submitted by 5pm eastern time on Sunday 10/2. NO plegiraism professor will check and give no credit to a plegarized paper and I will dispute for refund if this happens*****

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