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an employee manual of supervision

Summer 2021

Supervisory Manual (20% of your grade) due between

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an employee manual of supervision
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Last day to submit is Sun. by 6/25/2021 at midnight!

Under NO Circumstance Will Supervision Training Manual, (or any section of), be Accepted Late

As a supervisor you will have responsibilities that non-supervisory workers will not have.

A supervision training manual is a tool to improve the supervisory role and operational efficiency. The manual provides supervisors with the fundamental principles of supervision within the organization in order to implement policies and procedures. It may contain standard information and/or information that is unique to your organization. A training manual provides parameters for company policies, and will be a guide for planning, hiring. Training, motivating, delegating and implementing policies and procedures.

This is an opportunity for students to excel and learn more about the practical application of Supervision. This project must consist of developing an original training manual for an existing or fictitious company. You may use the company you work for or you may develop an employee manual for a family company or a company you wish to start . The attached topics include information that should be covered in any professionally written training manual. Within each of these topics the writer must expand and provide detail from the course and research in each area. The manual must be presented by the due date and no later in order to receive credit.

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