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A short description of why this article is relevant

Must be a minimum of 300 words but no more than 500 words
Must include two sources
One source is the link to the current event article you researched
One source is a scientific description of the pathogen presented in your current event article (you can use your textbook as this source if you want)
You must refer to your sources in your discussion posting in addition to citing them at the end of your discussion posting.
The original should include
A short summary of the current event article
A short description of why this article is relevant. For example did you or someone you know have a personal experience with the pathogen?
A short description of the pathogen referred to in the article
A short description of the signs and symptoms of the disease the pathogen causes
A short description of how the pathogen is transmitted
A short description of any treatments for the disease
Include some pictures. You do need to cite the pictures and can place a caption underneath locating the source.
Use proper grammar in your responses, no text or casual speech.

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A short description of why this article is relevant
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