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A logical argument based on peer-reviewed research articles

EDCO 745

Literature Review Final Assignment Instructions

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A logical argument based on peer-reviewed research articles
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A literature review is a logical argument based on peer-reviewed research articles. The literature review demonstrates the researcher has thoroughly reviewed the relevant literature and based upon that review, has determined a need for further research. The literature review begins with a discussion of the study’s purpose and results, and then transitions to an argument for the need for further research. You should cite the results portion of other research in this paper and discuss needs for further research. The literature review for this assignment is based upon the topic identified in Module 2.




The paper must contain the following elements, using the current APA style:

1. Title page

2. Abstract

3. Review of Literature

• Both summarize and critically evaluate the current literature on the topic.

• Create within the summary an argument for why this topic is important, and the issues and new research needs to address.

• This must be written in a research-scientific format as if it is to be submitted to a journal for publication (refer to APA handbook and guidelines)


This review may serve as the basis for your future research interests but is to be based upon the topic selected in Module 2. For a sufficient overview of the literature, your review must be 7–10 pages of empirically-based, critical writing.


Your review must:

1. Summarize the research in a logical, sequential manner

2. Make a case for why additional research needs to be conducted to fill important gaps in the scientific literature



Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plag

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