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A guide for health promotion practice

This week you will examine research that applied theories of health behavior at the interpersonal level. A major assumption at this level is that individuals behave in healthy or unhealthy ways largely due to the influence of significant people in their lives. Other people share their thoughts and feelings, give advice, and provide emotional support and assistance, all of which can influence an individual’s behavior. These significant others represent the influence of the social environment in which an individual exists. They are typically family members and friends, but they can also be peers, coworkers, health professionals, and other social groups who are similar and/or influential to the individual (U.S. Department of Heatlh and Human Service, 2005).

U.S. Department of Heatlh and Human Service, (2005). Theory at a glance: A guide for health promotion practice. (2nd ed.). Retrieved from

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A guide for health promotion practice
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To prepare:

Review Chapter 8: Social Cognitive Theory in your textbook. Consider the constructs of this theory and how they relate to the interpersonal level of influence.
Review your assigned article.
Review the Research Article Review worksheet located in the Learning Resources for the specific article you were assigned.
Familiarize yourself with the questions on the worksheet prior to reading the article

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