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A descriptive schedule

FINAL PROJECT (Due May 11, 11:59 p.m.; 20 Points)

Option A: Creating a 4.5 hour workshop for your office/dept./team/organization

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A descriptive schedule
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For the final project, imagine this scenario: One day at work, your boss walks by your desk and asks you about the courses that you are taking, and you mention that you are taking a course in advocacy and persuasion. Your boss is intrigued and asks you to create a 4.5-hour workshop for your office/dept./team/organization that teaches your co-workers how to apply advocacy in their everyday and/or professional lives.

Here are some things to think about:

1. You will need to think through the readings, discussions, etc. and translate them so they are appropriate in your office context that is familiar to you.

2. (if applicable) Remember that adult learners are different than younger students. They hate lectures, so forget about trying to lecture for 4.5 hours. And they are goal-driven, so you need to show why they are learning what they are learning. When planning the exercises, focus on activities like brainstorming, role-playing, games, and other experiential learning that opens the material to them. This can include watching short videos (TED talks, video tutorials, etc.) to prompt conversation, or even creative activities, like writing pitches or even doing collages that explore particular points.

3. Breaking the 4.5 hours into smaller blocks makes it more manageable for you, changes the pace for the audience, and gives the experience a sense of structure. We will be thinking about the 4.5 hours as four 1-hour segments and one 30-minute segment: two segments before lunch, two segments after lunch, and a concluding segment.

4. Assume that you will have a space fully equipped with a projector for PowerPoint, markers, whiteboard or butcher paper for notes, and so on. Just think of the ideal learning space and assume that you will have it.

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