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How the health deviations you read about alter normal physiology


From the list of selected readings below, choose two with topics that you know the least about or are most interesting to you.
Then search for, read, and incorporate other readings of your choice in your area of interest that focus on cardiovascular diseases and/or respiratory diseases. You might include:
1-2 journal articles or websites
Book chapters (past textbooks may be good options)
Your goal is to have a total of at least 60 pages of content read.
Your summary of each reading should be at least one paragraph (100-200 words) and include the following information:
All references must be cited using APA Style format. Please refer to the CCCOnline APA Citation Toolkit.
Number of pages read
Keywords you used to find the reading
A link to the reading
Why you selected the reading
Main point of the reading
Describe how the health deviations you read about alter normal physiology.
Provide your key takeaway from the reading. This could be something that made you pause, changed your thinking, supported your thinking, or made you question something.

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How the health deviations you read about alter normal physiology
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In your post for Module 2, post how your thinking has been supported or how it has changed since the last module in regards to finding reliable and valid content.

In this same post, include an example of a medical website or resource that you think is reliable and valid. Be sure to explain why you feel it is reliable and why you think it is valid. If your peers have already posted, be sure to post a different resource or site different from that of your peers. You can build on the list of places you look to for information

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