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specific requirements for the research paper.

Research Paper Requirements

Specific Research Paper Requirements

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specific requirements for the research paper.
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Please note the following specific requirements for the research paper. They are to appear in the order that they are listed:

1. A Title Page with:

a. The paper title which should include the subject of the paper

b. Your name, the course, and the date

2. An Introduction

3. A well organized Body divided into Sections and Subsections

4. A Conclusion or Summary
5. A Reference or Bibliography section

Additional Requirements

These additional requirements are geared toward producing the final printed work:

· 1 inch margins only

· 12 point font

· Double spaced lines

· Sections and subsections divided by one blank line

· No blank lines between paragraphs in the same section

· Single spaced references/bibliography

· No one-sentence paragraphs

· Number all pages except the Title Page

Grading Criteria

Below are the criteria that will be used to grade the research paper. Please read through this section carefully before and after completing your paper so that you do not needlessly lose points.

1. Paper Content

The content of the paper must be relevant to the course. The topic can be subject in negotiation or mediation found in the textbook. Topics that are unrelated to the course subject should not be chosen. If the content of the paper is of poor quality, the final grade for the paper will be severely affected

Grade loss for not meeting this requirement: Up to 100%

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