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Introduction to Regulatory Compliance

The EPA regulates public drinking water that enters your home and requires local water utilities to test and report the results in an annual report covering a variety of contaminants. Bottled water is regulated by the FDA with much less stringent testing requirements and oversight. What are your views about the safety of tap and bottled water, and which is your preference when you have access to both? Why?


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Introduction to Regulatory Compliance
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Overall I feel more comfortable with the safety of bottled water even though regulations pertaining to testing requirements and oversight are less stringent. I feel this way due to the fact that every so often the tap water coming from my bathroom faucet emits a slight hydrogen sulfide odor every so often. I have never experienced this anytime I have consumed bottled water. Levels of certain chemicals such as lead has stricter requirements in bottled water than that of tap water. Most of the time bottled water will have been treated as tap water prior to being filtrated and converted into bottled water. The only dilemna with bottled water is where it is sourced. Overall I definitely go with the safety of bottled water over tap water.

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