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provisions of the Patient Self-Determination Act

Q.1 Informed Consent

Explore what is meant by informed consent from a legal perspective. What are the key elements that must be covered in order to obtain legal informed consent? And why is this concept so important to patients, providers, and healthcare organizations?
Q.2 Patient Self-Determination Act

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provisions of the Patient Self-Determination Act
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What are the key provisions of the Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA)? Why was this legislation enacted and what were the goals? What must hospitals and other healthcare providers do to ensure their compliance with PSDA?

Q.3 Write a reply/response(Nichoals)

The key elements of informed consent are nature of treatment, benefits, alternatives, risks, opportunity for questions.

Before the informed consent process, there is eligibility. After the informed consent process there is a permission to access data or service phase

Informed consent can also concentrate on specific situations such as ; treatment details, refusal of service, risks given ( for example if you are undergoing a surgery – there is a risk for you to be disabled or even die )

If you are a patient; informed consent is to ensure you understand all of your rights in a formal basis so less or no negligence occurs

If you are a provider; on high level formal consent mitigates any legal cases especially if the doctor is performing high risk surgeries or procedures.

Q.4. Write a reply/response (MelissaIB)

informed consent is an ethical concept that has become an integral part of “contemporary medical ethics and medical practices,” as well as a part of legal doctrines and demands. It is more of a mechanism that seeks to protect the moral right of patients and patients from unnecessary assurance care. Therefore, in legal terms, prior to performing any type of healthcare intervention or disclosing patient information with any other healthcare provider, patient permission is mandatory. It is only permitted if each and every aspect of the function is clarified by a healthcare professional. This therefore helps a patient make an informed decision about getting medical attention and related treatment or testing. Informed consent assumes the patient can take his or her decision legally. If not then other person who is legally permitted to make a decision on the patient’s behalf. The general requirement for informed consent is for it to be captured in the language “understandable.” The essential elements of informed consent are intent, associated costs, benefits, disclosure of alternative therapies, confidentiality of medical records, reimbursement and care received, and contact details aside from voluntary participation. It is important in healthcare because it is like a patient’s invitation to connect with healthcare decisions, while at the same time doctors are also obliged to make recommendations and offer the patient a reasoning process. Therefore, making patients learn and understand the entire process of medical intervention, clinical trials, and received treatment becomes important for a health care provider

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