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the key knowledge and skills students will develop as a result of the instructional unit

Instructional Unit: Stage 1

Assignment Description

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the key knowledge and skills students will develop as a result of the instructional unit
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Instructional design is one of the main responsibilities of teachers, and one activity in which teachers spend a great deal of time. You will be using the backward design model, UbD, to create an instructional plan appropriate for your setting.

For this assignment, you will first select a national or state standard, appropriate for your educational setting (grade level or subject). You will begin the process of unpacking the standard in this assignment to identify the big ideas of that standard. These big ideas will allow you to consider the essential questions, key knowledge, and skills that should be addressed in the unit. You should also consider how to promote transfer of learning.

Assignment Instructions

Use the UbD Template for Stage 1 to craft your work on this assignment.

Consult the standards you use in your setting. Select a standard that you can address over a three-day period, as this unit will be a three-day learning plan. Type this standard into the Established Goals section of the template.

Determine how mastery of the standard could be transferred by the student into other settings—different subject areas, subsequent skills in the same topic area, and in real life. Consider the relevance of the standard to the students’ real world, and how this learning is relevant for them. Type this narrative into the Transfer section.

Analyze the standard to determine 2-3 enduring understandings that students will carry over from this unit. What are the big ideas they will take away? You may need to go back and look at the Transfer section and adjust, based on your unpacking of the standard here. Type these two essential understandings as concept statements under Understandings in the Meanings section. To do this, fill in this sentence: Students will understand that . . .

Develop 2-3 essential questions that promote ongoing discourse and that allow for more than one right answer. These should be open-ended (not yes/no) and reach beyond the lesson you are teaching. Type these essential questions under Essential Questions in the Meanings section.

Identify the key knowledge and skills students will develop as a result of the instructional unit. Knowledge includes things such as definitions of important terms, facts, and main pieces of content. Skills are defined by verbs—things that students will do. Type these under Knowledge and Skills in the Acquisition sect.

Submission Requirements

Your assignment should meet the following requirements:

Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

Length: Thorough completion of Stage 1 of the UbD Template.

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