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Digital nonfiction book for children

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Nonfiction Children’s Book

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Digital nonfiction book for children
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You will write a digital nonfiction book for children on a topic of your choice (science, social studies, health, or the arts). You may look at existing nonfiction books for ideas, but this book should be an original text by you.

1) Research the topic. As you read and learn, consider which informational text structure is best suited to the topic and the way you want to present the material. Selecting a text structure can you lead to use an appropriate graphic designers ( to plan. Informational text structures: descriptive, sequential, compare/contrast, cause/effect, or problem/solution

2) Outline/plan the text. Consider the following: .

the age of your intended audience
the order/structure of the information
images and text features that support the content

3) Create the digital text using Canva, Book Creator, StoryJumper, etc.. The book should be at least 10 pages long (total) and include the following pages: front cover page, and back cover page. You might also consider adding a table of contents, glossary, and/or index, etc.When you submit, indicate the intended audience (K-1, 2-3, 4-5). With that in mind, give careful thought to how much text per page and how to support comprehension through the use of signal words and text features. View books for the intended age group for inspiration and ideas using this resource for digital books:

********Epic: *************


Just sign up as an educator and choose a school you attended or one where you have done fieldwork when creating your free account.

******Here is a link to an anchor chart with text features for informational text.*************–mVBESGwruVZ2oRewxql/view


******This is a link to signal words for informational text: *******************************–/view


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