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scholarly article is written, targeting scholars

Your response to your classmates must be substantive. Share ideas, explore differences, and think critically about your classmates’ posts. Bring in information from your textbook, classroom resources or other credible sources that you find to contribute to the discussion. You are invited to share relevant audio, video, or images in your responses. You must cite and reference any sources you use, even in your responses to your classmates.


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scholarly article is written, targeting scholars
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The second source by Jay Hancock is a popular source since it offers a report of the issue in question: employees’ privacy in relation to the wellness program (UC Santa Cruz University, n.d.). In addition, it features public opinion on the topic of discussion. For instance, the report’s author includes Ray Hunt’s view, president of the Houston police department, about giving their information to healthcare providers (Hancock, 2015). Furthermore, the article is not peer-reviewed, like in a scholarly paper, since it is just edited by its editor and published.

Both the articles have their specific audiences. The first article by Ajunwa et al. (2016) is a scholarly article is written, targeting scholars. The report is written mainly for academic purposes and for academicians who mostly find the results helpful to further their research on the same topic or in a related field. The audiences are the specialists and researchers who are peers to the research’s contributors (Morehead State University, 2015). With this audience, the language in the articles is topic-specific, such that it only reflects the topic under discussion, utilizing vocabulary related. The organization of the article is formal and orderly, with the subtopics arranged in chronological order. Images may be present, but only if they represent something about the topic. As a popular article, the second article targets the general audience and readers since they usually entertain, inform, and persuade individuals about a particular matter (Morehead State University, 2015). The audience, in most cases, is not specialized, but the general public is looking to be informed about the current events and issues, which may include sports, politics, and culture. The article’s organization lacks order since the author is not guided. The language is not formal but chosen to suit the reader and the writer. Images are primarily used with no direct connection to the topic.

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