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peer responses

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2 peer responses

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peer responses
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brittany’s post:

Using the gift of free expression and talent to create “art” using a likeness of someone to create the ultimate illusion is incredibly fascinating to me. While there has to be a line created where one side is art and once crossed, is no longer art and no longer protected by law, the question then becomes who draws that line and where it is.

As the article points out, there are very slight “clues” in a deepfake that would create doubt as to its authenticity such as the eyes and fuzz around the face; however, as the public gets better at picking out a deepfake, the talented individuals who create them hone their craft and get better and better – using the mistakes caught by the public to show them what to correct and refine.

I think that research in the age of deepfakes must be undertaken extremely carefully. Research should be double and triple checked. Students should attempt to find more than one source that attributes a quote or work to an individual. They should also attempt to authenticate videos, etc. by more than just the news cycle. Every news program will show the same video – that doesn’t make it true. They all get their news from the same source so if it is a fake, they will all get the same fake.

If I were teaching a communication class, I would stress to my students that they shouldn’t assume what they are seeing is true – their eyes can deceive them. They should study deepfakes during the first part of the class before they do any research so they can be actively looking for that. That might make for an interesting research project in and of itself – trying to find and identify a deepfake.

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