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compilation of information

Dealing with Speech Anxiety

Communications 135 – Lecture

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compilation of information
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This lecture has an audio track.

It is a compilation of information:

My experience

Your Forum posts


Dr. Linda Webster’s

Stephen E. Lucas’s

Rudolph Verderber’s

Mary G. Jarzabek


Dealing with Speech Anxiety

Communications 135 – Lecture




Anxiety over the prospect of speaking in front of an audience

Also known as nervousness, speech anxiety, and stagefright.

This is a Contextual or Situation-Based Fear.

Slide images courtesy of “Google Images.” The LSUS logo is copyrighted by LSU Shreveport 2010.

Gallup Poll, February 18-21, 2001 says it is the second most common fear in America (Fear of Death was #6).

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