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professional issue justifying your position presenting a rationale

A 6000 words essay on the topic, A REVIEW OF TWO TYPES OF ESSAY. The essay should be written according to the UK L7 writing as this is a Master’s degree course. I have attempted this course twice and failed it and so this is the last chance to pass it. The pass mark is based on 60%. The practices chosen must include children and education and also must be compared clearly. The criteria for grading are already uploaded. Kindly read and understand.

1. Synthesis learning to effectively communicate understanding of the chosen professional issue including local, national, and or international perspectives.

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professional issue justifying your position presenting a rationale
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2. Reflect critically on a professional issue justifying your position presenting a rationale.

3. Critically evaluateal underst relevant literature to demonstre conatceptuanding of the professional issues.

4. Communicate the processes and the conclusions of study in a clear manner, making effective use of academic conventions and meeting the needs of both academic and professional audiences.

5. APA referenging must be used and the references must be plenty and genuine. Not copied from Google or websites as my tutors won’t grade it.

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